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Get A Great Job Fast!

Item Number: GAGJF-BK

File Type: PDF

Download Size: 339 KBytes

Price: USD 29.95 (Instant Download)



If you've become unemployed recently, you know that the job market has changed. In fact, after a few hours of pounding the hot pavement, you understand that the entire process, of job hunting has changed.

I know because I was in the same situation.

This book is not based upon some useless theory. It's based on tried and true methods that I've used myself to land some of the best jobs I've had in my whole life--even in this terrible economy.

I'm going to provide you with a strategy to get you working quickly.

And a plan to get your ideal job.

There is no other book available with this information. If there was, I would have purchased it.

Instead, I put my background in marketing to work and developed a system to quickly find a job in any economy, in any location.

It worked for me.

It will work for you.


Delivered as a .PDF file. View on PCs, Apples, or other platforms that can read a .PDF. Over 50 pages with useful Appendix.

Web Site:

Product Created: 2011-02-24

Network Marketing Myths Exposed

Item Number: NMME-BK

File Type: PDF

Download Size: 325 KBytes

Price: USD 7.99 (Instant Download)


The report your upline hopes you never read...

You're really NOT a lazy moron.

The reason you're still filing losses on your IRS schedule C is because YOUR MENTOR HAS A SECOND INCOME STREAM THAT MAKES HIM RICH AND KEEPS YOU POOR!

Is this a surprise to you?

Are you involved in a multi-level, or network marketing system that is driving you into bankruptcy?

Are you seeking some information to show a close friend or relative who's involved in a system that seems to be unprofitable?

This packed report details the unethical and sometimes even illegal ways major pins in MLM companies make money while their mentees remain poor and struggling.

However, this report doesn't just stop at dispelling the myths. It's easy to be critical.

It shows in step-by-step detail how you can actually turn your struggling business into a profitable enterprise.

...Or even become the owner of a product that can attract other affiliates to sell YOUR product!

You would pay hundreds of dollars to obtain this information in other reports. Nowhere will you find this much information in a single one-stop source.

Comes as a .PDF file and can be read on both PC and Apple platforms.

Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-10-06

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