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Q. Some other sites charge up to 15% commission or require a fixed monthly subscription. How does your charging system work?

A. We charge a fixed commission of 3.5% on the sale cost, debited from a pre-paid balance. This is subject to a minimum of US$0.10 per transaction. We display the applicable fee in your product details listing.

Q. I see that accounts are required to be pre-paid on your system. What happens if my credit expires?

A. If your credit expires we will send you an email notifying you of the fact. From the sending of the email you have 7 days grace in which to restore your account to credit. After 7 days the system will automatically disable your sales links. These will instantly be restored once your account is in credit again.

Q. What products can I sell on your system?

A. If it can be saved to a file for download then you can sell it on our system. However, you must have the rights to sell it and it must be legal.

Q. I've used other systems and AOL customers, in particular, keep complaining that they are unable to access their download.

A. Here at Web Delivery Solutions we use HTTP transfers. This ensures that even paranoid AOL security settings don't block the download.

Q. How do I know that a customer won't make multiple downloads?

A. You will receive a confirmation message for every successful download. This, in conjunction with a limited download count and time, ensure that you know exactly how many times and to what IP address your customer is downloading.

For answers to other questions that you may have please email us here:
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